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General Dentistry

Dental Exam

Dental Exam | Ideal Smile Dentistry | Nahideh Shojaei DDS PC | Madera, CA 93637

One just has to take some basic care to keep his healthy and dazzling smile in place. Regular brushing, flossing and mouth washing are the most basic and main steps that get required in keeping teeth and overall mouth in good physical shape. Apart from these, people who consult dental experts twice a year for their dental checkups are the ones who generally have the benefit of good dental health. There is a certain benefit of visiting the dentists twice a year as it absolutely fits the saying that prevention is better than cure. People, who go through dental checkups in regular intervals, get to know about the diseases at their early stage as the professional experts diagnose the dental issues at their primary stage and prevent them from getting developed and deadly. The regular dental checkups not only prevent severe dental problems but also save people from spending a lot of money on the treatment of serious ailments. 

Dental checkups are easy to e done and there is nothing scary about them. The dentists get a clear picture of the teeth and the overall mouth just by examining them using their skill and experience. Tartar build up, plaque, tooth decay and gum problems get easily examined by thorough dental checkups. Sometimes the dentists ask the patients to get their dental x-rays done to check the teeth surfaces. Generally, the dental examinations get done with the successful cleansing of the tartar build up and teeth surface. 

Dental X-Ray

With time, the whole notion and function of X-ray has evolved and it has become safer, quicker and sound than ever. Currently, it is the digital x-ray that the dentists count on majorly. The digital x-ray offers super quality images in a quick span of time which the dentists can access immediately through their LCD monitors. The level of radiation is also remarkably low in the case of digital x-ray (up to 90%).  It is intraoral photography that gets done using 35 mm digital camera, has become the super substitute of traditional x-ray as it delivers sharp and neat images through which it becomes easier than ever for the dentists to diagnose dental problems such as cavities, discoloration of teeth, decay and fractures at their earliest stage. 

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning | Ideal Smile Dentistry | Nahideh Shojaei DDS PC | Madera, CA 93637

Even regular brushing and flossing cannot prevent the risk of tartar build up and plaque on teeth fully. To keep away the possibilities of dental diseases caused by tartar and plaque, it is always good to go get professional dental cleaning done by consulting reliable dentists. In recent times, there are never ending possibilities in modern dentistry that offers latest technology and advanced tools that take care of the dental treatments in the most efficient ways and the patients get ensured with painless and satisfactory treatment.

Instead of traditional dental cleaning, people are now leaning forward to ultrasonic cleaning which is one of the results of advancement of modern dentistry. Ultrasonic cleaning is also known as laser cleaning and in its case, an ultrasonic scaler gets used in order to remove the bacteria, microbes and other inappropriate elements from teeth and gum line. If we discuss why ultrasonic cleaning has earned popularity among the patients, then, as a reason, it must be stated that the very type of treatment is less time consuming than the traditional teeth cleaning procedure and painless as well.

Scaling and root planning are the two very popular terms in the field of modern dentistry. These are nothing but the other two medical terms of deep cleaning that get prescribed if tartar build up and plaque get developed excessively under the gum line. Through two parts the whole procedure of deep cleaning gets done. At the first stage, the tartar and plaque get removed and in next stage, the surfaces get smoothened. Apart from keeping periodontal diseases away, deep cleaning helps in keeping the gum tissue in a healthy condition. 

Oral Cancer Screening

Every year, approximately 35000 American citizens get affected by oral cancer. But the risk of this deadly disease can be avoided if a dentist detects it at the early stage. Oral cancer screening is just like normal dental check up. It is a painless method which takes a couple of minutes to be done. Men are more prone to oral cancer than women, that is why, men and women both are suggested to go to professional dentists to get their oral cancer screening done in every six months. People who are aged above 60 are most likely to develop oral cancer, especially them, who drink and smoke in heavy amounts in regular basis. 

White Fillings

There are so many people who feel unconfident at a time about their silver fillings. Their confidence can be easily enhanced by getting white fillings. Articulately manufactured using composite resin, the white fillings are quite natural in looks as they suitably match with the color and texture of the natural teeth. Small and medium sized teeth cavities get highly suited through these fillings. Attractive and durable, these fillings are easy to avail from reputed dental clinics. Strong built and stain resistant quality of the fillings requires quite less removal of tooth than the amalgam fillings require. 

Dental Crowns

Dental Crown | Ideal Smile Dentistry | Nahideh Shojaei DDS PC | Madera, CA 93637

Those who have extreme level of tooth decay or damage must opt for dental crowns. Dental crowns get used in multiple ways. They act as covers to discolored teeth and tooth that has gone through the procedure of root canal. The dental crowns can be made of multiple materials such as porcelain, metal, ceramic and gold. Porcelain is the most common element among all these elements. The process of crowning gets started by taking a dental impression of the severed tooth or teeth. Patients then get their temporary crowns until they get their own slecially made crowns. Those who are in real hurry can get same day delivery of the crowns if they ask the dental clinics. It is a proven fact that, patients who maintain good dental care and hygiene can enjoy the benefits of the crowns for approximately 15 years. 

CEREC Crowns

Cerec crowns are one of the wonders of modern day dentistry that has emerged with real popularity among dental experts and patients. With the very type of crowns, one doesn’t require to go through the hassles of impressions and multiple consultancies with the doctors. These crowns can be owned at the first and foremost visit to the dentists. The Cerec crowns are so realistic that it becomes hard for others to differ them from the natural set of teeth. Purely porcelain made, these crowns are comfortable and highly functional as well that certainly beautifies a long lost smile.  

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges | Ideal Smile Dentistry | Nahideh Shojaei DDS PC | Madera, CA 93637

For as long time now, dental bridges are getting used as the suitable replacement of missing teeth which and it is a great option to be selected to bridge the gaps between teeth covered. Though it is an age old tradition of dentistry, but still it hasn’t lost its popularity as users find it long lasting and very affordable to avail. A dental bridge comes with one missing tooth and two anchoring teeth. It keeps the teeth away from drifting out and it also help the patients in improving their way of chewing and speaking a lot along with giving the faces a good natural shape.

We can classify the dental bridges into three types.

1.    Traditional dental bridges.

2.    Cantilever dental bridges.

3.    Maryland bridges.

Traditional bridges can offer dental crowns and dental implants on any side of any missing tooth and there is also a substitute tooth that get held by a dental abutment which looks a lot like a post. Cantilever bridges get used in special cases when there are surrounding teeth found on a single side of a missing tooth. The Maryland bridges get made with special resin which gets cemented upon a metal framework and later it gets cemented on the surrounding teeth’s enamel.

Generally, it takes maximum 2 to 3 weeks for the dental bridges to be made and it is considered less persistent than other dental applications such as dental implant. The benefits of dental bridges can be enjoyed for approximately 30 long years only if a patient maintains good oral care and hygiene. 


Dentures are quite dependable as the replacement options to missing teeth. Apart from that, it also makes people look younger and confident. Currently, there are great denture options available. Gum-colored plastic resin, acrylic base and either resin or porcelain are the primary ingredients that get used in making these wonders. Dentures get made in a personalized way to match the appearance of a patient’s mouth. A dentist who has a good number of teeth missing on a single jaw, then generally he gets prescribed with full denture. Patients who have a good number of teeth missing on both upper and lower jaw can opt for partial dentures which can be both removable and fixed.

Usually, it takes a couple of months and a number of visits to the dentists for the dentures made accurately. Though these days, same day dentures can also be availed as they get dental clinic by the professionals. But making the same day dentures cannot be fruitful for everyone as patients who require a lot of customization on their dentures, cannot avail them in a single day. A denture can last for 65 to 7 years max if the patients wear them properly with care. During this span of time, one must get timely changes done to the dentures according to the shape of their mouth. Regular handling of the dentures by professionals make them fit well always. In case of a breakage of the same, one must get it to the dentist for repairing as self repairmen of dentures can bring more damage to the oral piece and can also cost a good amount of money to the patient. 

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment | Ideal Smile Dentistry | Nahideh Shojaei DDS PC | Madera, CA 93637

Gum disease gets hinted through some signs such as red colored gums and swollen gums. It is one of the common dental problems that almost 80% adults are going through these days. Thankfully, there are now a lot of good options that make people avail painless and functional gum treatment. Gingivitis is the most common of all kinds of gum related disease and it gets treated through thorough dental cleaning and a regular dose of brushing and flossing. Periodontal disease is the serious form of gum disease that asks for scaling along with root planning to get the strong tartar and plaque build up from the gum line. Laser gum surgery is the newest addition to the treatments of gum disease and the technology remove the unwanted substance build up from the gum line through high speed laser light. If the cases are serious and non surgical procedures seem useless, then patients go through surgical procedures such as periodontal surgery and gingivectomy. 


Root canals are scary to a lot of people as there is no lack of rumor that does the rounds relating the pain and fear of dental treatments. Defects in the inner part of the tooth, decay and infection are the reasons, root canal gets needed. At the primary stages of all these issues, people don’t feel a thing. But when it develops gradually, the pain gets felt in a severe way. Root canal is the treatment that gets the infection out and protects the infected area and apart from that, it also prevents the infection from getting spread. Instead of traditional form of root canal, people are getting fond of laser root canal technology as it is a faster and smoother way of the very type of treatment. As a suitable alternative of root canal, pulp capping has emerged that protects the inner pulp of tooth from getting infected. Pulp capping also works as a shield by preventing the dental filling from reaching to the nerves. 

Oral Surgery (Minimal)

Oral Surgery | Ideal Smile Dentistry | Nahideh Shojaei DDS PC | Madera, CA 93637

Surgeries that are thoroughly dental such as wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, and bone grafting get called as oral surgery often. In case of missing teeth, dental implants get applied where tooth roots get placed through surgery and they hold the dental crown perfectly at its place. When there is not enough space in one’s mouth to keep the wisdom tooth, it needs an extraction otherwise a patient can come across severe pain and other oral issues from the same. Bone grafting gets the patients a bone transfer from one jaw to the other, generally to give room to the dental implants. A professional dentist can handle these types of treatments but in serious cases, it is better to consult a dental surgeon. 

Conscious Sedation

Those who are the victims of fear related to dental treatment and operations are the ones who must adopt sedation dentistry to experience a hassle free and painless treatment. In this type of treatment, patients become relaxed as the whole process is very peaceful. In case of conscious sedation, the patients are given pills to be sedated and they reach to a mood of trance and drowsiness and feel nothing but relaxation. And the dentists also get their job done being undisturbed throughout. 

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry | Ideal Smile Dentistry | Nahideh Shojaei DDS PC | Madera, CA 93637

Dental treatment for kids is special. It is the professional pediatric dentists who are the specialists in treating the dental problems of children and teenagers. The pediatric dentists have good knowledge of the psychology and behavior of the kids and according to that they perform their treatment. As the very type of treatment is especially for youngsters, the dentists try to make their little patients feel relaxed and stress free by comforting them with welcoming attitude and other positive elements like toys and fun filled decorations.